European Games BizDev Gathering or how to do business development in time of pandemic

It is obvious to say that the current coronavirus pandemic affects us all. However, in a case of video games industry, the impact of the virus is not only negative. As it turns out, in a time when millions are forced to stay at home, the interest in games has greatly increased. It influenced the growth of sales of games and consoles that can be best observed by looking at the debut of the newest instalment in Animal Crossing series on Nintendo Switch.

As every other industry, gamedev also faces problems now. The industry is affected by issues such as delays in hardware production or a sudden necessity for everyone to adjust to working from home, which in some cases may lead to postponing the release dates of long-awaited titles. Bigger and smaller gamedev studios were also affected by cancelled trade shows and conferences, which not only forced publishers to change their marketing plans but most importantly, made harder for developers to meet their potential publishers and investors.

European Games Developer Federation (EGDF) decided to respond to the last of these problems. For this purpose EGDF, along with rcp and Reboot, is organising the European Games BizDev Gathering – two-day online event enabling game creators to meet with publishers and investors, make new acquaintances in the industry and to showcase their ideas for games. In current circumstances, it seems like the best way to show your project and to get financial support for its production.

The event is open for every developer from Europe and for publishers and investors from all over the world. Organisers boast that over 300 entities have already declared their participation, including biggest players on the markets, such as for example Ubisoft, Wargaming or Paradox Interactive. There are also Polish publishers among the participants, such as 11 bit studios, HUUUGE Games or All in! Games.

European Games BizDev Gathering takes place from 13th  to 14th May 2020.
The participance in the event costs 35 EUR.
More details and the registration can be found on the event’s website:

We encourage you to participate! There’s still some time left to prepare the ideal pitch. Who knows, maybe during the event you will manage to meet your future publisher or investor? If yes, then we encourage you to contact us – we will help you to negotiate the terms of and formalize your relation.