Cyberpunk 2077: Intellectual Property Rights Management in an Enterprise (webinar recording)

It has been 11 days already since the biggest video game release of the year – Cyberpunk 2077. Of course, at LegalPlay we as well are playing the CD Projekt RED’s new release and after 30 hours of playing we can tell that the Night City has totally immersed us.

Three days before the release day (on the December 7th), we were invited by the Intellectual Property Student Association „IP” at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw (www | fb), to participate as LegalPlay in an incredibly interesting event, as well as to support its organisation.

The event was titled „Intellectual property rights management in an enterprise on the example of the game Cyberpunk 2077”. During the event, representatives of the Center for Commercial Legal Studies, Queen Mary University of London has given an extremely interesting presentation, which pointed out the vastness of intellectual property issues connected with creating and managing such a big video game and brand. After the presentation, there was a short Q&A. The event was moderated by the author of this words – Jakub Zalewski, an Associate at LegalPlay.

There were over 200 participants during the webinar! If you missed it, do not worry! The recording is already available below:

Link to the video:

In the event took part:

Dr Gaetano Dimita – Senior Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law at the Queen Mary University of London and a video games enthusiast. He is also the Director of the Institute for Interactive Entertainment Law and Policy, the editor-in-chief of the Interactive Entertainment Law Review, and the organiser of the ‘More Than Just a Game’ conference series. The last one of these conferences before the coronavirus was organised here in Warsaw, Poland!

Dr Michaela MacDonald – Lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London. Her main research interests focus on the legal, regulatory and societal effects of disruptive technologies. She also works at Moorcrofts LLP as a consultant in a project researching the development of a legal contract management system that uses Artificial Intelligence.

Rafał Kłoczko – Chief Counsel Business, IP and Privacy w CD Projekt RED. His day-to-day job is to make sure that the laws do not get in the way of creativity in the process of developing CD Projekt RED’s video games.

Alexandros Alexandrou – PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. His research thesis is entitled „The Interactive Entertainment Industry and Successive Creativity: Remastering Copyright for Video Games and Successive Works”. He was also named Best Oralist during the Legal Challenge at the Games Industry Law Summit in Vilnius in 2019.

Michael Dunford – PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. His research thesis is titled „The Fanworks Problem After Twenty Years: A Critical Re-Assessment”. His studies focus on the role and impact of copyright law on fandoms and other interest-based communities.

Salvatore Fasciana – PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. His research thesis is entitled “The Implementation of Gamers’ Bill of Rights Within the Current Interactive Entertainment Industry”, where he will attempt to draft a bill of rights for gamers with each right representing one of main challenges within the interactive entertainment industry.


We would like to thank the IP Student Association for inviting us and letting us support the event and to thank guests from Queen Mary University of London and CD Projekt RED for sharing their knowledge and experience with webinar participants.