Investing in esports in Poland: the due diligence ABC

Last week (December 10, 2019) I had the pleasure to speak at a conference called The Rise Of Esports Investments Poland & CEE. It was the first conference dedicated to esports-oriented investors and businesses organised by the Esport & Gaming Forum together with Santander Bank Polska. I was asked to talk about the legal perspective on investing in esports organisations.

In a short and concise talk I discussed the due diligence aspects of investing in an esport organisation. I figured that the profile of the event was a perfect forum for that topic, as the subject matter should interest both investors looking for a suitable target company and organisations looking for financing. After all, they either want to know where to look for potential risks in an organisation or what to clear to the maximum extent, before starting to look for an investor.

Starting off with a list of areas of a typical due diligence investigation, I went on to lay out in detail the aspects in each of them that relate strictly to esports organisations. If you are interested in this topic, please see the slides from the presentation attached below. In for a more in-depth discussion? Drop me a line at!